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Having trained as a graphic designer and illustrator Filip began a career change in 2013. He gained skills in applied ecology and land management on the Great Fen Project in Cambridgeshire before moving to BirdLife Malta to work in wildlife crime mitigation, injured bird care and campaigning. As research assistant for the Malta Seabird Project Filip worked with gulls, shearwaters and storm-petrels while developing an understanding of seabird ecology. He is tasked with writing the next five-year management strategy for the Alderney West Coast and Burhou Islands Ramsar Site, and leading the seabird season for 2016.

Storm Petrel Ringing Weekend

A few weekends ago, Jenni and Robert from the AWT were joined by a small team from the Channel Island ringers, led by Chris Mourant. The main focus was to catch and ring our smallest breeding seabird on Burhou – the Storm Petrel. These tiny birds breed in the crevices of rocks and burrows in [...]

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Final Ecologist Update!

I’m sad to say this is my last update as you’ll all be enjoying your summer holidays at the end of next week! The Puffins won’t be on Burhou for much longer either. During my last stay my Puffin watch site was extremely quiet and I only saw 3 Puffins taking fish into burrows over [...]

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Ecologist Update 5

Last week was an extremely exciting one for me and a week that has been written in my calendar since I first started my job last November! Last week I was Gull Ringing Week in Guernsey! Ringing is a term used by people who catch birds and put a metal ring on their leg. The [...]

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Ecologist Update 3

Apologies for the confusion! The video conference will remain on THURSDAY AT 2PM. For anyone still interested in doing the conference on Wednesday instead please email Holly on This week has been a short one due to May Bank Holiday weekend! I have done 3 boat tours over the weekend taking tourists to see [...]

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Ecologist Update 2

This week I have been busy trying to get permission to protect our Ringed Plover population here on Alderney. Ringed Plovers are small wading birds and if you’re lucky you might see them flitting across the high tide mark on beaches, they look at though they are wearing dark masks, with a white tummy, sandy [...]

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Our Favourite Moments

Click here to play Read by Dave and Charley After such a tough time in February and March when over 46,000 seabirds died in the storms, we were all very concerned for our seabird colonies. Some species were fine, whilst others have had poorer years but are still here in healthy numbers [...]

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Seabird Update X

Click here to play Read by Dave and Charley ECOLOGIST'S UPDATE I have previously told you about catching and ringing the adult gulls. Well the chicks are now growing up well so this past weekend we were able to go to Burhou to find and ring the chicks! I went to Burhou [...]

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Protected Areas

Click here to play Read by Charley and Dave Whether you are working on a global or local scale for conservation, one of the best techniques is to set aside protected areas. These are locations where human activity is regulated or even banned to limit or eradicate its impact on wildlife. There [...]

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