Melrose school have been hard at work!

Melrose in Guernsey have been hard at work for the past 5 weeks learning about puffins! The girls all completed this quiz on puffins: What colour is the puffin's beak?________________________________________   What is a baby puffin called? ___________________________________________   What do puffins eat? _________________________________________________________   How many times a minute do their wings flap when [...]

Our first submission of work!

Thank you to Melrose Ladies College in Guernsey for showing us some of their work! Here they are beginning to record what they have learnt about puffins and Burhou. We're so glad you are enjoying learning about the puffins and we are really looking forward to covering some of the fascinating adaptations they have with [...]

Hello and welcome

Welcome to the School Zone Blog. Here you can share your pupils work with other schools involved in the project.  To have your school featured on this page please email Claire at with your photographs, images or updates. We love to see all the different ways schools use LIVE so please do stay in [...]

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