Puffin update

A final update from Filip our Ramsar officer - although LIVE finishes today we will still be updating the blog when the puffins fledge and when they leave the colony so do check back! Our puffins are now nearing the end of the breeding season. The pufflings are growing in the nests, fattened on sand [...]

Managing Conservation Volunteers

Conservation volunteers are one of the keystones for the Alderney Wildlife Trust, many projects, events and activities we carry out every year rely entirely on them. But what are conservation volunteers and why are they so important? The Alderney Conservation Volunteers started in 2001 and is a team of people of all different ages and [...]

The T.A.G. project continued

Today Filip will explain the rest of the process for tagging the 12 Gannets for the T.A.G. project this year. Climbing into the colony we had to be very careful. The rocks are steep and slippery with guano, sea water and weed and there is a long fall into the water below. Younger birds who [...]

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