The Stone Age

The Stone Age is prehistory, the time before history. As there was no writing we don’t know the names of anyone who lived in the Channel Islands, or what they were doing. All we can do is to work out what we can from the things these people left behind. Stone Age people would have [...]

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How sheep can help Birds On The Edge

Reintroducing choughs to Jersey is one of several conservation projects carried out by Birds On The Edge. Not actual birds, but a partnership between Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, the National Trust Jersey, and the States of Jersey. The choughs are ambassadors for Birds On The Edge. To ensure choughs thrive in Jersey we need the other Birds On The Edge projects to [...]

Welcome to Jersey Zoo’s LIVE takeover

Hi, welcome to the Jersey Zoo takeover of LIVE! The zoo is the head quarters of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust an international conservation charity working to save species from extinction. A young Gerald Durrell, founder of Jersey Zoo. At the zoo we have a variety of different animals from tiny poison dart [...]

Adaptations – puffins

Welcome to adaptations week. This week we'll be looking at what adaptations are, why creatures have them and how they relate back to habitats which we covered last week. The first species we'll talk about is the puffin! Puffins have special adaptations on their beaks to help them manage their favourite food, sand eels. They [...]

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