Gifted and Talented artists from Years 1 to 6 took part today in the eagerly awaited Puffin Activity Day for schools.

The day started at 9.30 with a planned Flashmeeting web conference with Aurelie Bohan (Alderney Wildlife Trust People and Wildlife Officer.)

Once the tasks had been explained our pupils looked at the set of Puffin photographs stored in the website resources folder. They then sketched ideas on paper before starting work on their models of Puffins.


We used cardboard, card, tissue paper and glue to make our models.

Puffin models

Many of us used coloured card to make the Puffin’s beak!

After lunch our gifted artists used cardboard boxes they had brought to school that morning to make burrows for the Puffins. Some even put eggs they had  “blown” in the burrows for the Puffins to sit on!

To finish the day we took part in a second Skype with Aurelie at 2.30 p.m. On camera we displayed our fabulous Artwork and shared  what we had learned.


Some of us put eggs in our Puffin burrows!

finished work

Our finished work!


In the Flashmeeting web conference we showed Aurelie our super models.

The day was fun and a great success! Next term a 2 Day Science festival is taking place in school. We hope during the festival to take part in many more fun activities about Puffins.

Thank you Aurelie, Mrs McGoldrick and Mrs Dinley. We had a super time!