We have two fluffy (toy) Puffins who want to come and visit you!

Two Puffins from Alderney want to come and visit you in your school and see all the work you are doing.

We will send out the Puffins on their adventures, one will be travelling round the Channel Islands and the other one will be making their way to England. Just send us back a short report plus photos of what the Puffins did in your school.

Currently, the two Puffins do not have names. We thought this was sad so need your help to come up with a name for each of the Puffins! We will be picking the names for the Puffins on Friday 26th April so will need to know all suggestions by then.

To let us know suggestions of names for the Puffins please leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post or email Aurelie on peopleandwildlife@alderneywildlife.org

Travelling Puffins

We will post a Puffin to a school picked at random and contact them about which school they need to send the Puffin on to. If you do not want to take part please email Aurelie and let her know on peopleandwildlife@alderneywildlife.org and your school can be taken off the list.