On Tuesday March 19th at 2.30pm the Puffins returned to Burhou for the first time this year. A wave of excitement followed with people expressing their love for the amazing little birds. But the following day no Puffins were to be seen, and have been absent ever since.

But don’t worry, they are still here!

cNeilAldridge - 3.jpg

Puffins spend the winter in the North Atlantic Ocean and are most at home on the open water, coming only to land to breed. Therefore, upon arriving back on Burhou they will make an initial check on the island before heading back out to nearby open water; where they will feed and pair up for the breeding season.

They may continue to drop in and out of Burhou until early/mid-April. Then they will become full-time residents, digging out any loose soil in their burrows and starting to bring in dried vegetation and feathers; preparing for the laying of their eggs from mid-April onwards.

So keep an eye on the camera, a full season of thrilling Puffin activity is just around the corner!