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Read by Yvonne

Sometimes it is fascinating to just sit and watch our live cameras for a while and see what goes on in the Puffin colony. Back in May I brought you the story of an hour in a Puffins life. Back then the Puffin was going about its routine of making the burrow comfortable for its egg whilst the Lesser Black-backed Gulls were mating before laying their own eggs.

Well today I am going to show you another story of the interaction between Puffins and Lesser Black-backed Gulls. But as we are now in the stage where both species have chicks, and the Pufflings are getting close to fledging, the action we see is quite different.

Puffins watching a sleeping Gull

Puffins watching a sleeping Gull

To begin the story we see two Puffins emerging from their burrows. They are quite surprised to see a Lesser Black-backed Gull sleeping on their doorstep! They briefly engage in a bit of billing, before one of them flies off. The Gull hardly stirs from his slumber! What could he be planning?!

Sleeping Gull - Act I

Another Puffin arrives, and is also unsure of what to do when it sees the Gull sleeping on the rock that the Puffins often like to stand on. But at least the Puffin gives us some good views before he decides to leave.

Sleeping Gull - Act II

The Gull is momentarily disturbed by something off-screen but is still uninterested in the Puffins close to it, even when one takes off over its head!

Sleeping Gull - Act III

The Gull finally wakes up, in quite a startling manner and nearly flies into the camera! Did it wake up from a bad dream? Or is the mysterious disturbance just off the screen causing it to wake up?!

Sleeping Gull - Act IV

In our final clip we switch to the main camera to reveal the truth behind the Gulls sleeping habits and its sudden awakening. The Gull is in fact interested in the Puffins when they are coming back in from the sea! This is because they may be bringing fish back in to the burrows. If the Puffins do have fish then the Gull will attempt to catch and steal them - this is called kleptoparasitism.

Sleeping Gull - Act V

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Today's Puffin Fact

Puffins are better adapted to 'swimming', making them look clumsy when landing on rocks and walking on land.