Going to Burhou is an adventure for the AWT team everytime we go. A lot of preparation goes into each trip as we have to make sure we remember to take all the equipment we are going to need. This is because we cannot send someone back to collect something we have forgotten!

On Saturday 20th April I went back to Burhou to do some seabird monitoring, mainly of Shag and Puffins. I was joined by Vicky Warwick-Evans, a PhD student studying Gannets and Shags (more about her work in Thursdays Daily Digest) and Grant Le Marchant, a local volunteer. For this trip we had to start early, leaving Alderney on the boat at 7.30am!

As Burhou is a small island there isn't an easy place for the boat to drop us off, so we have to climb onto the rocks and walk across them to get to the island.

Tim and Vicky climb onto Burhou

Tim and Vicky climb onto Burhou

The rocks can be slippy so we have to be careful!

The rocks can be slippy so we have to be careful!

Once on Burhou we only had 3 hours to get all of our work done. Later in the season we will get longer as we get to stay on the island overnight, but for now we only make short trips. Take a look at the video below to see a short introduction to where we will be staying on Burhou for our overnight trips.

Inside the hut on Burhou

Inside the hut on Burhou

Burhou Intro

Burhou really is a wonderful place for us to work and stay...

Around Burhou

... even if the neighbours are very noisy!

Noisy Neighbours

A trip to Burhou is the best part of our week as we get to spend time outside in the sun, surrounded by some amazing wildlife. Log in to see the Daily Digests on Tuesday and Wednesday for updates on the Puffin monitoring that we did and see some new clips of the type of behaviour that you can look out for.

Weather Forecast:


Monday 22nd April

Max 9 degrees / Min 9 degrees

Wind direction: West South Westerly 12mph

Description: White Cloud

Today's Puffin Fact

Each pair of Puffins will return to the same burrow each year to breed.