Alderney is home to quite a few species that need our help.

One of these is the puffin - you might have been watching these on puffincam recently. There is a lot of activity on the cameras because the parent birds are bringing fish back to their chicks, which will be fledging in the next few weeks. Puffins are in decline because although there are still colonies around the world with high numbers there are a lot less than there used to be. This is down to a lot of factors, including over fishing (taking the puffin's food source away), disturbance (preventing breeding), invasive mammals (such as rats and even hedgehogs which eat eggs) and oil spills (killing the birds out at sea as they get caught in oil slicks).

In Alderney there were terrible storms in 2014 which caused thousands of seabirds to wash up dead around our coast and the other Channel Islands. After this we are carefully monitoring the puffins to find out what effect the wreck will have on their numbers here. We do this by counting how many burrows were occupied in a season and how many birds are rafting out at sea. Then we can compare the results every year to look for trends and changes.

We will look in details at some of the other species AWT conserves during this week.