Here on Alderney, there is a lot of work to do to protect the special environment we live in. As well as tagging gannets, surveying puffins and other animals, creating and taking care of a freshly planted woodland, we try to care for as many different habitats for as many different native species to survive as we can. We never run out of jobs that need doing here at the Alderney Wildlife Trust!


Cutting Fire WoodThis is where Alderney Conservation Volunteers comes in. Alderney Conservation Volunteers is a group of people, all shapes, sizes and ages, who come together because we all have one thing in common - a love and respect for the environment. We meet for two hours on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons and tackle any job that needs doing for the Wildlife Trust.


The types of jobs that we do vary with the season but it could be clearing walking tracks through our reserves, controlling invasive weeds in the wild, planting native trees, surveying wildlife and much more. My favourite of all the jobs we do is when the Trust’s cattle herd needs moving, there are only four cows so it’s never a big job but it’s a lot of fun herding them up the road!The volunteers taking a break to do some dolphin watching


Not only do the Conservation Volunteers sessions provide valuable work for the Trust, but also for me personally, it’s a great way to get motivated to spend time outdoors, appreciating nature, keeping fit and hanging out with my friends!


Maybe there is a Conservation Volunteering group or WATCH group near you that you could get involved with and make a difference in your own community!

- Ash, Reserves Officer