One of my very first lectures at university began with the question. What is the difference between conservation and preservation?  Although they have similar definitions conservation is about the proper use of nature, while preservation is about protecting nature from use. It then lead on to a debate, if we put a fence around an area is that better for the wildlife there than actively restoring the area?

IMG_9503aNow a days it is just not possible to fence every area we would like to protect. There wouldn't be any where left on the planet for people to live! So instead we must work with nature, use more traditional methods of managing it and educate people on how their actions impact the planet.

For example if a fisherman's net gets tangled out at sea he may just cut the net free and abandon it in the water. That one nest can float along in the currents and if seals, dolphins or fish don't get tangled in it our gannets may just pick it up to use as nesting material. This can be fatal for the adults and the chicks as they become tangled.april 2015 (4)

Knowing that the little things can have a big impact is essential for protecting the planet. As long as everyone knows this then preservation would not be an essential part of protecting nature instead we can work with it so everyone can enjoy it for years to come.

1. Is there any protected areas where you live?

2. What is the difference between conservation and preservation?

3. Why do gannets pick up fishing line? Can you spot any fishing line on gannetcam?