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Welcome to Food Chain week!

›Every living thing requires energy for growth and all energy comes from the sun. Plants use sunlight in a process called photosynthesis to transform the light energy from the sun into chemical energy (their food!). However, animals don’t have the ability to create their own food so they have to eat other living things to get this energy. This is called a food chain!

›A food chain  shows how a sequence of living things gets their energy.

›Producers are living things that can create their own food from the sun. They are always at the bottom of a food chain this includes plants, algae and cyanobacteria.  Living things that cannot produce their own energy are called consumers. A food chain is made up of both consumers and producers and always ends in an apex predator.

›Puffin Food Chain

›Puffins feed on small fish but mainly sand eels. These little fish like to feed on little microscopic animals called zooplankton that swim about in the sea and these in turn feed on phytoplankton, tiny microscopic plants. But a Puffin is not top of the food chain! They can be predated on by Greater Black Backed Gulls although we do not have that many on Burhou.

›Check out our Puffin food chain! Why not create your own?puffin foodchain-page-001



1.What did you have for breakfast/lunch? Create a food chain for this meal.

2.What is an apex predator?

3.What do all food chains start with?