Guernsey, Monday,  June 24, 1940



Summary of Conditions Accepted by French Government

The following are the conditions imposed by Germany, in her stranglehold Armistice, to which Plenipotentiaries of the French Government have affixed their signatures:-

  1. Germany will occupy the whole of the Western coast of France and all territory north of a line from Geneva to Tours. France will pay for the occupation.
  2. French armed forces to be demobilised and disarmed. Only a small force will be allowed in unoccupied France.
  3. No French forces may leave French soil
  4. Germany may demand surrender in good condition of all artillery, tanks, aircraft and munitions.
  5. No materials may be conveyed to Great Britain.
  6. No French merchant shipping may leave harbor, and ships outside France must be recalled.
  7. The French Government must facilitate transport of merchandise between Germany and Italy.
  8. German prisoners of war must be released, and French prisoners of war remain captive until peace is signed.
  9. The French Fleet is to be recalled to French waters and disarmed and interned under German and Italian control.
  10. Part of the Fleet, which the German and Italian Governments will determine, will be free to safeguard French interests in the Colonial Empire.
  11. The Armistice, which will come into force when the French Government have concluded agreement with the Italian Government, is valid until peace is signed, but may be denounced at any moment by Germany if the French Government do not fulfill it.


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