Hi everyone and welcome to the first Day of LIVE!

We are very excited to have you all on board and share with you our special island with its fascinating wildlife. This year there will be 8 topics covered:

  • Island lifefew of Longis Coastline from Essex Casttle
  • Habitats
  • Adaptations
  • Food Chains
  • Life Cycles
  • Birds on the Edge
  • Historic Alderney
  • Conservation and Protection

We have lots of exciting additions to the project this year which will reveal themselves soon!

On top of that we are also working with Durrell Conservation Trust, La Société Guernesiaise and The Guernsey Conservation Herd!!

Over the next few days you will be introduced to the team leading the project this year and learn all about life on Alderney.

I’ll start the introductions now!boat trip

Hi my name is Holly Marshall and I am the People and Wildlife Officer at the Alderney Wildlife Trust. I am in charge of all the webcams and LIVE. Although most of the time I will be in the office working on the website that’s not all I do! Our webcams are off the coast of Alderney so I get to spend a lot of time travelling on our boat, Sula of Braye, to get there. This means I get to help our Seabird Ecologist Jenni on her surveys as well!

I hope you are excited about LIVE as I am! What topics are you looking forward to the most?

I’ll finish off with a couple of questions to get you thinking!

  1. Where about is Alderney?
  2. What animals is Alderney most famous for?


Video Conference!

The first video conference will take place at 2pm on Thursday the 23rd with myself and Jenni. Pupils should prepare some questions about Alderney and our seabirds. We will be using Google Hangouts for these chats which require a Gmail account. To sign up to this video chat or if you have any questions comment below of email peopleandwildlife@alderneywildlife.org