The island of Alderney is the northernmost and third largest of the Channel Islands. It is just one and a half miles wide and three and a half miles long and only 7.5 miles from France. The population is just under 2,000 - how does that compare to where you live?

To get to Alderney you must fly either from Southampton or via Guernsey, there is a boat but mostly this is used to bring food supplies and deliveries. Mariko, our Conservation Officer, arrived on the boat which takes ten hours from Poole! Becuase we have the weekly boat we can get most things from the UK but it can be tricky convincing the post office that they do deliver to Alderney - not many people have heard of us! If you fly the planes will probably be a surprise - they are very small, and only hold 12 passengers.

After you arrive in Alderney you will easily find the town of St Anne, where most people live. There is one main street with most of the restaurants and shops. It is very quick to get away from town and into the countryside, the Alderney Wildlife Trust manage two reserves on the island where lots of our work is based. You might be able to see from the picture above of Alderney from the air that there is a lot of open space, and you are never more than 15 minutes from the beach. At the edge of one of our reserves is the Alderney Bird Observatory. They are a new organisation, part of AWT, that ring and record bird species here. This helps them discover more about what species come to Alderney and at what time. Why do you think this information might be useful?

Last year they rang over 13,000 birds! We think this is becuase Alderney is a useful stop-off on migration for lots of species.


The inner harbour - where some people keep their boats over winter and fishermen unload

Tomorrow I will introduce you to Burhou and the amazing seabirds we find there.