The team here at the Alderney Wildlife Trust would like to thank all the schools taking part in the project for an excellent opening fortnight. We have very much enjoyed working with you all, and seeing your responses and questions on the blogs and Daily Digests is fantastic - keep up the good work!

Inside the hut on Burhou

Inside the hut on Burhou

As we have reached the end of our second week it is time for another round of new videos with a few questions for you to answer. So post in the comments below and enjoy!

In the first video we see a very muddy Puffin. This clip was filmed very early in the morning just after the Puffin had woken up, so can you tell us why a Puffin might be this muddy first thing in the morning?

Muddy Puffin

A Herring Gull appears on our camera for the first time. But can you tell us whether it is bigger or smaller than the Lesser Black-backed Gulls that we usually see?

Herring Gull

In this clip we see up to 7 Puffins at one time! But there are times when some of them are showing us their courtship behaviour. Can you tell us what this behaviour is called?

Lots of Puffins

For a bonus here are a couple of my favourite clips from the week. Firstly, we get a quick but nice view of a Rock Pipit saying hello to the Puffins! Then we watch as a very indecisive Puffin can't decide whether to stay in his own burrow or go and see the neighbours!

Rock Pipit Says Hello

Indecisive Puffin

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Friday 26th April

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Today's Puffin Fact

Puffins line their burrows with dry grass and feathers.