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Read by David

In our first video and question this week we have a first for Burhou! In the video you will get 3 very quick glimpses of something that has never been seen before by our cameras or surveyors whilst on Burhou. But can you tell me what it is? (Hint: it is not a Storm Petrel).

New Night Visitors to Burhou

In this video you can see some of the AWT staff members enjoying the maiden voyage of our boat. But can you remember what she is called and where she got the name from?

Maiden Voyage

In this bit of footage, taken around Coque Lihou on the South of Alderney, we can see a number of birds that are related to Puffins. Do you know what species they are?

Coque Lihou

In our final video we have a clip of a pair of Lesser Black-backed Gulls mating. But can you describe their behaviour before mating?

Mating Lesser Black-backed Gulls

Weather Forecast:

weather-symbolFriday 10th May

Max 11 degrees / Min 9 degrees

Wind direction: West South Westerly 21mph

Description: Sunny Intervals

Today's Puffin Fact

A Puffin brawl is watched by many other Puffin spectators.