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Read by Matthew

Now that we are settled back into the program it is time to start up our weekly look at some videos again! Enjoy the footage and see if you can answer my questions in the comments below.

In our first clip you can see the Puffins going about their business whilst a boat enters the bay of Burhou. Can you see which boat it is and tell me what Wildlife Week activity is going on during the trip?

Watching the Puffins

The Puffins are very active looking after their newly hatched Pufflings, how many Puffins can you see in the following clip? Also, can you pick out a behaviour trait that we haven't seen for weeks?

Spring Cleaning Puffin

In another very active Puffin clip we see a Rabbit nearly jump into an unsuspecting Puffin! A second one then comes by but the Puffin is more prepared and watches it pass by. A very funny clip, but can you tell me what behaviour the Puffin is showing before the Rabbits enter?

Puffin Vs Rabbit - Round 1

In our next clip of the week we have some very exciting footage of a Ringed Plover returning to its nest and settling down to incubate its eggs! But can you remember from earlier in the week how many eggs it has in the nest?

Ringed Plover Incubating

In this clip a Bird of Prey can be seen and heard circling near Les Etacs and the Gannets. Can you use our bird call page to indentify this Bird of Prey?

Bird of Prey by Les Etacs

A final clip for you to enjoy. Ever wonder how the camera view is kept looking so nice? Here you can see what I get up to on Burhou in my shift as a window cleaner!

Cleaning the Camera

Weather Forecast:

weather-symbolFriday 7th June

Max 15 degrees / Min 11 degrees

Wind direction: East North Easterly 23mph

Description: Sunny

Today's Puffin Fact

A Puffin egg is typically white, sometimes with a tinge of lilac.