The Bronze Age is the beginning of proper history. It was the time when writing was invented so we start to know the names of people, and learn what they are up to. What they were up to most of the time it seems was farming and fighting wars. This was the age when the early stories in the Bible were set, including Moses leading the Israelites to freedom and David fighting Goliath. It was also the time of the Trojan War and the adventures of Odyssius. Egypt was ruled by the pharaohs and they fought the world’s first known battle against a people from Turkey called the Hittites.

We have no writing from the Channel Islands though. Around 2,000 BC people living here started using bronze, which is a hard metal made by mixing copper and tin. Bronze would have been expensive so used by only the most important people and warriors at first. Other people carried on using flint and bone tools. A spectacular hoard of bronze tools and weapons was found in Alderney on Longis Common. It looks like it may have belonged to a bronze-working craftsman, as most things in the hoard were broken.  We think it was ready to be recycled, melted down and used to make new tools.

But why bury this valuable treasure? Did the owner hide it to keep it safe from robbers, then die before having chance to dig it up? Was he forced to flee by enemies raiding the island, and was never able to come back? Perhaps it belonged to raiders hiding loot they had robbed. Or perhaps the bronze was left as an offering to the Gods. We can only guess.